Erase and win!

Age level: Children and Teens
Proficiency level: any
Material: slips with the tasks you want your students to perform (two sets); board markers; tissue paper to serve as eraser
Objective: To practice a grammar topic, vocabulary, reading comprehension, etc.

Divide the class into two groups. Give each student a piece of tissue paper to erase the board. Divide the board into two parts and draw a square in each part. Inside the square, draw any shape you want (a heart, a flower, a circle, anything). The shapes and squares have to be as similar as possible. Number the members of each group and seat them in a semi-circle facing the board.
1                       8                              1                       8
  2                   7                                 2                   7  
     3            6                                         3            6
         4    5                                                  4    5
Give each group a slip with the same task and ask them to discuss and agree on an answer. When they are done, call a number. Both students with that number have to run to the board, erase the shape inside the square (without leaving any mark and without erasing the square) and go back to their seat. The one who sits first gets to give the group answer, this time without any help from the peers. Give the group a point for each correct answer.
Contribution made by Lisel Fleury, from Brasília, Brazil.

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