Age level - Teens and above

Proficiency level - Low intermediate and above

Material - Slips of paper with names of famous people; masking tape

Objective - To practice asking and answering questions and giving information.
  • Bring pieces of paper with names of famous people and stick them to the students' back WITHOUT LETTING THEM SEE THE PAPER.
  • They show their back to a peer and ask five questions to try to find out who the celebrity is (Am I an actor/actress/singer/polititian? Am I male? Where was I born? Am I alive? etc).
  • If after the five questions they cannot find out who "they are", the peer can give five clues: You are blond; you are a famous actor; you are married to a beautiful woman;
  • At the end, students stand in a circle and say who they are, giving some information about the person.
VARIATION - If you are teaching parts of the house, furniture, or any other vocabulary group, you can stick slips with names of objects instead of people. Thus, students would be the stove, the refrigerator, the kitchen, a pizza, etc.

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