Time to play! Meanwhile, you can see how much of the subject your students have attained.

Objective: To assess any topic given in class, such as grammar, vocabulary, or reading comprehension.
Level: Any
Proficiency: Any
Materials: A game board with blank spaces and "Try your luck" ones; some dice; different markers for the groups; slips of paper with commands for students who have reached the "Try your luck" spaces; questions, fill-in-the-blank sentences, synonym/antonym items, True or False statements, or any other means of assessment you judge appropriate for your students.

1) Prepare your list of assessment items.
2)  Prepare several slips with commands such as, "Play again"; "Get one (two, three) extra point(s); "Miss a turn"; "Move one (two, three) space(s) ahead; "Go back one (two, three) spaces; "Back to Start", "Lose one (two, three) point(s) etc. You can have more than one slip of each kind.
3) Divide the class into groups of four (ideally) and give each group a dice. Decide the order in which they will play.

INSTRUCTIONS: One student rolls the dice and another moves the marker on the board.  Whenever it falls on "Try your luck",  choose one assessment item from your list and read it to the group, allowing a few seconds for them to reach an answer.  The group gives their answer. A third student draws a slip from the command pile and reads it. Ask the class to decide whether the answer is correct. A fourth student moves the marker again on the board, if that is the case, or you give them the extra points/erase the points they lost. Wrong answers are not penalized, but the group cannot move the dice.
If the dice falls on a blank space, nothing happens, and the next group plays. If a group doesn't know the answer, the next group gets a chance to answer and then play their turn.

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