Age level - Teens and above

Proficiency level - High beginners and above

Material - Slips with tasks

Objective - To practice a specific grammar point; to discuss issues; to review topics previously studied

 Form two circles with the same number of students facing each other. Choose one circle (inner or outer) to move to a specific direction (to the right or to the left). Give the students in the other circle (the one that's not moving) slips with a specific task (a question; a vocabulary item to be defined, given a synonym, or used in a sentence; a statement about a known topic to be classified as true or false; etc). They read the task to their partners, who have to perform it. When the teacher claps his hands or gives any other sign, the students in the moving circle talk to the next classmate in the still circle. Whe the round is complete, students change position, receive other slips, and continue the activity.

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