This is a nice activity to explore song lyrics in a multi-skills way.

Objective - To work on students' listening abilities and to develop listening accuracy.
Proficiency level - Any
Age level - Any 
Materials - A sheet of paper with the grid and the word bank and another with the lyrics.

  • Choose a song that you feel your students will enjoy and be able to understand.
  • Pick up several words from the lyrics. Make sure you cover the entire song, not just the beginning or the end.
  • On a sheet of paper, make a grid with as many blanks as you want (same number of lines and columns).
  • Make a word bank with the words you have chosen from the lyrics. Make sure there are many more words in the bank than there are blanks in the grid.
  • Ask students to choose words from the bank and write them on the grid.
  • Play the song. Students have to cross out the words they hear. 
  • The student who crosses out a line in any direction is the champion.
Give the students the sheet with the entire lyrics and let them have fun singing. 
This activity was suggested by Cleide Frazão Nascimento, from Brasília, Brazil. We thank her very much.

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