Making "art"

"Making art" is an activity for concrete learners, particularly for children, who like hands-on tasks.

Age level - preferably young learners

Proficiency level - beginners

Materials - a big piece of paper (like a chart), or space on the classroom wall; cutouts with pictures of shapes, food, animals, or any other vocabulary group you are working with, and slips with the nouns and colors or adjectives related to them.

Objective - To practice matching nouns and adjectives.

On the chart or wall, stick the pictures of the nouns.
Distribute two slips to each student, one containing the words for the pictures you've chosen and one with a color, adjective, etc, that can be attached to the noun.
Ask students to stick their slips next to the pictures on the chart/wall.

VARIATION: make the activity more challenging by giving students a bigger slip where they can write a sentence related to their picture. If your students like competitive games, divide the class in small groups (3 students, at most) and count points everytime they get the right combination and the right sentence.

Another possibility is to divide the class into two groups and have them work cooperatively, giving one group the slips with the nouns and the other group the ones with the adjectives. Looking at the pictures, they have to find their partners and write the sentence.


     GREEN      triangle
 It's a green triangle.

I love apples. They are delicious.

Ver imagem em tamanho grande

CUTE dog

My dog is very cute. His name is Banban.

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