Age level - Children

Proficiency level - high beginners

Material - slips of paper and a large piece of paper to draw the monster

Objective - To practice writing parts of the body

Divide the class into groups and distribute several slips of paper where students must write parts of the body (one part per slip). Collect all the slips (there must be a lot of them!), shuffle them and randomly re-distribute several to each group. The group must produce a monster with exactly the parts written on the slips they got. So, if they have eight slips with the word "eye", the monster must have eight eyes, and so on. The production of something so absurd and funny will probably make the new language memorable.

Variation 1 - Depending on the level of the students and on their interest in writing, they can produce a written description of the creature they've just created.

Variation 2 - After students draw the monster with the parts written on their slips, they can pair up with a classmate and describe their monsters while the other student draws it. They can compare their production.

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