Age: Older children and above
Proficiency: High beginners and above
Objective: To practice describing pictures, using adjectives and "there is/There are"
Materials: Magazines with lots of pictures.

Divide the class into smaller groups. Give each group a magazine.
Instruct one student to choose one picture randomly, without letting the other members of the group see it. This student then describes the picture in as much detail as possible. He/She closes the magazine and gives it to the others, who then try to find the picture just described. The other members take turns doing the same. 
This is particularly good to practice describing people (with adjectives related to physical description), actions in the present continuous, different kinds of weather, etc.

This activity was a contribution from Bruno Cavalcanti Albuquerque, a teacher at Casa Thomas Jefferson, Brasília-Brazil.
Thanks for sharing, Bruno.

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