AGE: Teens and above
PROFICIENCY: High beginners and above
OBJECTIVE: To break the ice on a first class, giving personal information in a fun way

This is a quick and fun ice-breaker for the first day of class. The teacher introduces him/herself, giving three pieces of information, one of which is false. Students are asked to identify the false item and to guess the correct information. It has to be made clear that the false item cannot be obvious, since that would spoil all the fun. 
In a circle, students take turns doing the same, and their classmates give their opinions on the false item. When they get to the lie, they then make guesses on the correct information. 
This shouldn't take too long, for it may become boring. Maybe one or two guesses would be enough. Of course, this depends on the number of students in class. The fewer, the longer it can take.

My personal example: "I'm Brazilian, I have three adult children, and I've been a teacher for more than thirty years."

Wanna guess which one is not true????

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  1. This is a quick and fun ice-breaker for the first day of class.....
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