Making Posters

This is our first activity involving technology. We hope you enjoy it!

We all know that students enjoy working with technology. To take profit of their abilities and to increase their motivation in class, have them create an account on www.glogster.com, a free visual communication site that offers countless resources for the creation of posters and the similar.

Objective - To offer a more modern, fun way of writing posters that will accompany oral presentations.
Age - Any
Proficiency level - Any
Materials - None
Equipment -  PC's, laptops, tablets, etc, for students' use; one computer and one data show in the classroom; one big screen.

1. Choose a topic you want your class to talk about, or make presentations on. Some possibilities are: selling a travel package; teaching how to do or make something; show the development of an object, such as the telephone, the televison, the automobile, etc; presenting a project that will help protect the environment; the advantages and disadvantages of living in the city/country area. In fact, any subject can be adapted to this kind of presentation.

 2. On their tablets, laptops, or in the school lab, students work in pairs, reading about the topic and choosing free pictures on the Internet. They may want to save the pictures.

3. They log in to the site and choose the background, the kind and color of the font, and any other feature offered. 

4. They create a poster and save it in Glogster. They need to rehearse their presentation, so give them some time for that.

5. In class, they log in again and use the data show and a big screen to present their work.

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