Proficiency level - Beginners
Age level - Young learners
Objective - To practice saying and writing vocabulary items
Materials - Flashcards with pictures of the items you want to practice

  1.  Distribute the flashcards among students. 
  2. Exchange roles with them. Now you are the student!
  3. As they take turns dictating the items they have, write the words on the bb, purposefully misspelling them. 
  4. Ask them if you have done a good job. They will immediately point out the problems.
  5. The student who dictated the word goes to the bb and writes the word correctly.
  6. When everybody is done, students grade the teacher. Be prepared to get a very low grade (they love this part of the activity!!!).
NOTE: if there aren’t enough flashcards for all the students, ask the ones who don’t have a flashcard to correct the spelling. This way, everybody gets a chance to participate.

VARIATION: Divide the board into three or four parts and call students to take turns writing on the space provided to them the words dictated by their peers. Again, peer correction happens as a wrap-up.

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